The Absolute Best Arancini Balls in Perth!

Our Story

I have been a Chef now for over 38 years and in that time I have created for myself some wonderful recipes. I am passionate and love what I do. Whether it is a function, dinner party, twenty-first birthday, or whatever occasion you require, I can deliver.

Over the years of cooking, I developed a passion for the Italian cuisine that I grew up with as a young boy. Watching my 2 grandmothers and their passion for cooking and preserving, I was able to create my own style. Still, to today, I take an old recipe and I make it my own. People always pay the most wonderful compliments about what I can bring to their table and I’m so proud of that and it makes me happy. That now brings me to my future in the food industry; I have always had this passion to manufacture my own products.

So I created Arancini Man, he is a Super Hero of the food world. He makes all types of arancini balls, ranging from flavours with Bolognese, Beef, Pork and Goat Ragu, to Prawn, Zucchini, and Preserve Lemon, Spinach, Silverbeet, Ricotta and Gorgonzola, to Five Mushrooms and Truffle, to Milanese, Peas and Buffalo Mozzarella.

These bite-size morsels are hand-crafted and rolled with passion. They taste amazing and full of flavour!

Every time you eat them, you will always remember that delicious taste.

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